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A little light on my shine

Life is short. Literally not enough time to experience everything. Lord knows I try!! I'm one busy momma. So when I am not working on the trucks, racing pit bikes and hot rods, building things, interior designing, or out on new adventures, making shirts is my go to!! It is my calm, believe it or not. I thoroughly enjoy this line of work. You aren't just another number to me, you are a person in need of my help.

I love seeing people strutting their stuff because they are proud of what their shirt portrays! It's a form of expressing identity!! It's also a way in which I get to express my creativity, and unfortunately I don't really get to do in my other 2 construction businesses running the offices. (Don't worry, I still LOVE my other businesses).

I love people, and I love to make them happy, no matter what I am doing for them. I will work my butt off making sure you love your shirts!! I appreciate all of you that are giving me the opportunity to work with you. My light shines brighter and brighter every single day, because of each and every one of you!

My gratitude is with you all and I can't thank you enough for your business! Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true

Diesel Doll Industries
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