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About Our DTG Printing:

Direct to Garment Printing Dark vs Light

Direct to Garment Printing is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a way for us to print your designs, logos, and images directly on to a custom t-shirt in the same way that you would print out something on your home paper printer. By utilizing a specialized ink printer, we can feed your t-shirts through the machine and print directly on to the shirt, which allows us to create custom t-shirts with a smooth image that won’t peel or crack over time.

Light Direct to Garment Printing

(Light DTG)


 Light DTG is a great option for light colored garments that do not require white ink. Colors such as white, grey, light blue or light pink are great for Light DTG printing and very inexpensive with no minimum order. For smaller t-shirt runs as well as t-shirts that may have more complicated designs with multiple colors, Light DTG printing is recommended.

Dark Direct to Garment Printing

(Dark DTG)


Dark DTG printing is when you have a darker colored garment that requires a white ink under base for your design to show up. The white ink under base is printed first and then the color is printed on top of that ink to make it stand out on the shirt.  This process is usually twice as expensive as Light DTG and takes 5 times longer to print.Colors such as black, navy, red and green usually require a white ink under base. Dark DTG printing has no minimum order.

Light DTG Shirts

Full-Color DTG works best on these light colors. No white-underlayment ink is needed!

All-Black Ink works best on these colors, as well as full-color with white ink underlayment ink!

These dark colors will need a white ink underlayment in order to see vivid ink colors!

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